Success and failure of marriage or relationships

Success and failure of marriage or relationships

Successes and Failures of Marriages/Relationships


The first day of meeting your choice of man and woman will define a successful or failure of marriage or relationship. What do I mean by the first day? The first day is very important, is the day most people bring doom or successful to their relationship of their partner?

Why did I say doom or successful?  To have a successful marriage/relationship, on your first day, you must open up, do not be carried away by the lust of the flesh i.e. beauty, wealth and so on. You must able to let the other party know everything about you, do not hide anything, because it may come back to hurt you. Tell the other party the real you, i.e. your past and background. Let the other party know if you are previously married, have child/children, your beliefs [religion], your education background, your business or type of work you do or out of work. Do not hide anything from him/her that he/she may find out or surface in the future that may bring about doom to the relationship. Most relationships fail because of not letting other party known about your past.

Some marriages or relationship fails after several years of been together due to lairs been told on the first day. We heard of marriages that come to an end after several years when suddenly a child or wife/husband will just surface from know were. Some will lie about their background, but when the other party suddenly found out, problem start, but if you have told the other party the truth of your past, all above examples will not cause marriage/relationship breakdown. As a child of God, we should tell the truth, and if the woman/man is for you, our faithful Father, Jehovah will do the rest. Men/women tell lies in their desperation forgetting what would happen later, some would like to say the truth on the first day, but they later delay it, but by delay it, but it may be too late.

True love is not about based on past events. If the other party knows about it before he/she got into the relationship. True love is not about money, facial beauty, class, ethnicity, education background. True love is blind to above, is all about the heart of Christ. A heart of Christ is forever, it does not lairs, the heart love one as he/she sees the person.